How to Get What You Want

Getting what you want is not as hard as you may think.  They say that when you really want something, the whole universe conspires to help you get it.

What do you want?

The first step in getting what you want is knowing what you desire.  You must sit down and think about, really think about, what it is you wish to attract to your life.

Ignore the push-pulls

Others may envision different things for you than you envision.  In the process of obtaining your heart’s desires, it is imperative that you ignore the desires of others and focus on your desires.  Although this may sound selfish, it is often the case that people who lack confidence may wish to live through you vicariously.  Let them; but only after you’ve focused on your goals, not theirs.

Once you’ve established what it is you truly desire, like your dream job, imagine that you are already there.  See yourself in the position of your dreams, seated at your desk, in your office, with a name plate bearing your name on your office door.

Stop struggling

When you decide, visualize and believe that you’ve already obtained the position that’s best for you, for which you’re best, and that fits you most, processes will kick in to make it a reality.  It’s not that you will suddenly stop acting; you will act, but in a very limited and targeted way.  You will act only in the sense of performing necessary actions.  This may mean sending out your resume, improving your LinkedIn Profile, or making a phone call.

Why do we make it hard?

I think that we often make things harder for ourselves than they need to be because of insecurity.  We think that if we do more or push harder, we will somehow be ‘more.’  This is not true.

Be in the moment

To get your dream job, you’ll need to be in the moment.  Don’t be anxious.  Don’t try to figure out how it will happen. Instead, continue visualizing and deeply believing that what you want is already yours.

Light Balance

Light Balance, by Luba Rascheff

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