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What people say about the Gold Nuggets

“… your book is awesome! Truly nuggets for my soul …. I decided to take your advice and put on some music I enjoyed as a teenager. Who knew … listening to early 90’s pop music would lift my spirits.”—Kay-Marie Fletcher, Author of Believe in Your Own Fairytale

“It is an immense honour and a true privilege to know such a talented author, Luba Rascheff! This incredibly wise, insightful, old-soul woman, embodies everything I love about humanity. Her brilliantly crafted book, 101 [Gold] Nuggets of Advice, is a breath of fresh air, particularly during present times whereby people often cite feeling lost, misguided, jaded or pessimistic as a result of the current culture of global affairs.

101 [Gold] Nuggets of Advice is not only a recommended tool for restorative inner healing and personal grounding amidst living in a world constantly filled with noise and confusion; it is also a back to basics, grassroots, tangible resource for anyone wanting or needing to realign one self with their inner core self. This gem of a book…offers clarity, perspective, and purposeful meaning about that which truly matters in this world.

101 [Gold] Nuggets of Advice is a must have book for anyone who authentically values personal growth and personal development. I personally and professionally cannot thank the book’s author, Luba Rascheff, enough for imparting such a vital and profoundly pivotal message for the rest of us to individually and to collectively benefit from. This trailblazing, spitfire, soul-stirrer of a woman…GETS IT! #Grateful”—Lisa McDonald of Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald, Author and Talk Show Host Personality

“101 Gold Nuggets is a wonderful book, gentle, [a]nd full of lovely wisdom.
Describing these pieces of advice as gold nuggets is quite à propos: a gold nugget is of greatest value when it has been worked on, shaped and formed, and its potential beauty is fully realized as a work of significance. It’s easy to read “Adversity is the ladder to success”, for example, and not fully consider how this nugget relates to your own life. Have you suffered adversity? Of course you have. How did it affect you, moving forward? Did it stop you in your tracks, or instead impel you to overcome it? Can you look at whatever adversity you face, and see it as an opportunity rather than a hindrance? If you read on to the next nugget without fully appreciating the one you’ve just read, you’re only getting part of the impact.
What’s quite fitting here is nugget #6: “Eat moderately; when you feel full, stop”. When you’ve looked at enough nuggets, step away from the table, and digest what you’ve read.
The very last nugget is, in essence, a suggestion as to how you might take all of this gold, and make it magnificent: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Jon Park-Wheeler, Producer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Columnist