Award Winner Featured in Behind the Lens

‘Life springs up. Joy bursts forth. Hope appears,’ a Behind The Lens (BTL) award winner, was viewed 255 times and won the Curator’s Selection and 2020 Choice Award.

The photo was also featured in ViewBug’s Behind the Lens.

I took this photograph after a long day of work in the long-term care facility where I am a recreational chaplain—a front line health care worker. Although we are well taken care of and can boast no cases of COVID-19 at this writing, there is still a sense of stress ‘rocking’ the world of long-term care. When I left the building, I saw these beautiful crocuses in our front yard and felt a sense of relief and peace. I knew that nature continued to emerge in its sweet, innocent way without any concern whatsoever about what was happening in the wider world.


The photograph was taken a little after 5 p.m.


The lighting is all natural.


I used a hand-held Galaxy A5 (2017) Android mobile telephone.


I was touched by the innocent beauty of the crocuses and their colorfulness.



In my camera bag

Although I have another, more sophisticated camera—the PowerShot SX50HS—I normally do not bring it to work with me and only had my portable phone and its built-in camera.


Be in tune with your feelings. Be open to the moment. Try to see with your ‘heart’ rather than merely using your eyes.

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