Cupid’s Arrows

Cupid’s arrows can be thought of as ‘love shots.’

In a pandemic, though, we are getting these shots differently.

They are more like ‘zingers’ that remind us of the beauty of life as seen in a flower or a child’s smile; the preciousness of life experienced in a conversation in a laundry room; or a church service where we see someone’s face over Zoom.

These ‘shots’ are more about the little joys, the ‘little loves’ that almost miraculously appear in a dark sea than something more passionate that we associate with Cupid.

They are like injections of color in a black and white painting.

Like sound bites in a silent movie.

Like a solitary flower in the middle of the desert.

I can’t say that Cupid is firing these kinds of shots.

It feels more like a centaur.

A centaur rises up from beneath the earth, shakes off debris and dust, and boldly charges ahead to battle with bow in hand.

Imagine, if you will, the power of the legs as they trample the earth and the keen, human intelligence that guides this powerful mythological creature to its goal.

The centaur aims and deftly fires his arrows at the target. We can almost hear their release, ‘zing … zing … zing’ followed by a silent ‘swish’ as they fly through the air in the space between sender and receiver.

The centaur belongs to a tribe and is soon joined by his fellow centaurs. They are not unfamiliar with battle having previously fought the Lapiths.[1]

This army of centaurs runs across the earth with galloping hooves making a rumbling sound as they advance.

The centaurs call the shots.

Their arrows fly and provide the energetic, zestful ‘injection’ that we need to feel life.

The centaurs have the ability to become invisible.

Although we can’t see them, they are very much present and firing off their arrows with special reinvigorating powers.

The centaurs are on our side. They fight for our good, carefully ‘aiming’ to provide that which cannot be obtained any other way.

If you feel a moment of reprieve, a moment of joy, a moment of clarity in the midst of uncertainty, remember, it’s the centaurs who have returned.

The invisible, elusive centaurs are here and battling to give us life and the feeling of aliveness.

In a time where everything seems strange and landmarks we took for granted are gone—buried beneath mountains of change –the idea of life-giving centaurs could, oddly enough, be accepted as normal.

Unusual insights, visions, understandings, and prophetic revelations which previously would have been categorized as absurd or impossible, figments of the imagination, are, strangely, acceptable in these topsy-turvy times in which we live.

That’s because the rules have changed. New rules are now in play. Interdimensional activity is occurring. We seem to have reached the place where Cupid meets Centaur.

If the pandemic has shifted our external boundaries and limited our abilities, the centaurs are providing an uncanny capacity to expand our inner world of possibilities.

Take courage because the centaurs have returned.

They are rising up from beneath the earth and firing their reviving, reinvigorating, life-giving zingers. They are freely providing us with strength and hope.

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Luba Rascheff is Founder and President of Luba Rascheff Consultancy and Creator of Take it to the Next Level.

Photo of Cupid by George Pagan III on Unsplash

Credit for centaur image: Brooklyn Museum – Centauress – John La Farge. This image is in the public domain.

[1] ‘Centaur,’ Wikipedia, last modified April 18, 2021, accessed May 2, 2021,