Award Winner Featured in Behind the Lens


NIAGARA FALLS III is one my most viewed photographs on ViewBug.

It was awarded the Peer Choice award, Superb Composition, Absolute Masterpiece and was ranked Top 10 for two weeks, Top 20 for two weeks, and Top 30.

The photo was also featured in ViewBug’s Behind the Lens.

Behind the Lens


I took this photo in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario. There were many carefully planted and arranged flowers growing next to the pedestrian walkway that parallels the falls. This hyacinthoides non-scripta, commonly known as “bluebells,” caught my attention for its particular beauty on this drizzly day. It stood out among its neighbors of more common varieties.


It was in the morning hours, around 11:30 a.m., as I was strolling along the walkway by the falls with my mother. We had gone on an excursion to Niagara Falls, had left the hotel, and were on our way to have lunch at the the Table Rock House restaurant that overlooks the falls.


The light that day was gray as the sun hid behind the clouds and it was drizzling a very fine rain. You can see water droplets hanging precariously from the blue-bell’s petals as well as an almost imperceptible, wet strand of a spider’s web at the top.


I used my PowerShotSX50 HS (hand-held) to take the shot setting the “rose” function for extreme closeup. I had to be careful not to let any rain fall on the lens. I chose this extreme closeup function in order to highlight this particular flower and distinguish it, put it in relief so to speak, from its surroundings. I was pleased that this technique worked so well.


This bluebell was clearly special. It stood out and I wanted to capture it for eternity. I also wanted a beautiful, uncommon memory of my excursion to Niagara Falls.


No special post-processing was used.

In my camera bag

I carry my PowerShotSX50 HS along with two tripods. The large tripod is a Manfrotto and the smaller one a Fugetek. I have a Ring Light, too, which I primarily use for indoor shots.


It’s important to “see” with your heart and not just your eyes. In this particular case, my heart felt attracted to this flower and I was drawn to it. I knelt down beside it and ignored my mother who was trying to get us to move ahead, to get to the restaurant sooner. I just felt compelled to stop and snap this photograph. Just before capturing the shot, I decided that it needed to stand out and selected the special extreme closeup function. It was instinct that led me to do this. This spontaneous, unplanned moment bore an excellent result!

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