Christmas Message

Dear Friends,

It’s a beautiful season. The lights on Bloor Street are discreet and charming. Small points of white light decorate the trees and plants that line what is known as Toronto’s Fifth Avenue.

Who can believe that tomorrow is Christmas Day? I went shopping today and stocked up on food. My fridge is full because, tomorrow, most grocery stores in the city will be closed. I will celebrate this holiday (or, “holy day”) with family and friends.

As I marvel at the blessings that God has bestowed upon me, I realize that not everyone is enjoying the season as much as I am. Depression is common at this time of year because some remember Christmases past and loved ones who are no longer here. Some are unable to spend Christmas with their loved ones and will feel pangs of loneliness on a day that brings such wonderful news of the birth of a saviour.

Do good and be well

If you are able, invite someone to spend Christmas Day with you so that they are not alone. If you have bounty, share with someone who has less than you. I always enjoy watching A Christmas Carol. It’s a beautiful tale that has to do with the spiritual transformation of an individual and radical change that epitomizes the true meaning of the season. I also enjoy listening to beautiful Christmas music, especially when accompanied by images of a blazing fire.

My gifts to you

My holiday gifts to you this year can be obtained for free here and here. They are my two eBooks, 101 Gold Nuggets of Advice and 101 Gold Nuggets of Advice, 2 on promotion through tomorrow, Christmas Day. Please download them and enjoy peaceful and calming words.

I wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2016!