The 10 Keys to Happiness

  1. Do something nice for someone  When we do nice things for people, we feel good.
  2. Be harmonious     Although achieving this state (and maintaining it) is not as easy as it sounds, avoiding the ‘push-pulls’ of extremes is key.
  3. Give     The old maxim, ‘give and you’ll receive’ is true.  When we give–even if we feel the other may not deserve our generosity–the boomerang factor kicks in and we receive.
  4. Be patient     Understand that the best things in life take time.  Trying to ‘manufacture’ happiness is a waste of your precious time.  Resist the temptation and be patient instead.
  5. Forget     That nasty divorce?  The time you accidentally left your hand on the doorjamb and someone closed the door?  Forget those bad memories and build new, positive ones.
  6. Overcome fear     One of the biggest stoppers to being happy is being afraid.  Don’t be afraid.  Everything, no matter how bad, works out in the end.
  7. Gratitude     When we are grateful for the bounty we’ve received and feel blessed without measure, we need to say ‘thank you.’
  8. Get out in nature     Nature is a very powerful, healing force.  I walked in a forest the other day and felt an unspeakable stillness that re-energized me completely.
  9. Exercise     I like to swim.  After a good swim, I feel happy!
  10. Acknowledge difficulty     Recognize that there will be difficult moments.  Remembering, though, that they’re just moments will get you through.


Untitled, by Luba Rascheff

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