I was having lunch with a friend of mine yesterday when she reminded me that what we remember about our lives are moments, moments like this joyous lunch or traveling to a favorite destination. She added, ‘You’re not going to remember the times you spent at the office.’

Her understanding seems to be trending now. Twitter, for example, has a new tweetable feature called Moments. It displays the word ‘Moments’ with an appropriately-sized lightening bolt to the right of it. Moments features significant, current events that can be immediately retweeted.


Our Moments

When I wake up in the morning and observe the sunrise, I realize that we are living ultimate moments—for ourselves and for our planet.

Sun Reflections

‘Sun Reflections,’ Toronto, Ontario.


We may not understand it all or be able to fully analyze the significance of the moments we’re living, but we are living them. Not only that, but within these larger moments, we are given the opportunity to enjoy lesser, private moments like a lunch with a friend or a trip to a favorite destination.

Ezeroto I

‘Ezeroto,’ Selo Kostenets, Bulgaria.