I am pleased to announce the launch of LUBA RASCHEFF PHOTOGRAPHY.

Here you can follow my latest discoveries, mostly in Toronto, Ontario, the city of my birth.


I enjoy discovering beauty in artistic niches, and bursts of vivid colors ‘imported’ from mysterious and exotic foreign lands. Special effects and filters are part of my repertoire.


Tall buildings, people, artwork, ‘nature in the city’ and special moments are the ‘objects’ of my attention.

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition I

It’s impossible for me to know exactly what will draw my attention, but light—and how it moves against the subject—plays a significant role. Light brings out the unexpected and cries out to be recorded for posterity.

Sun Mirrors II

Lights | Firkin on Bay Street

There is a spiritual dimension to photography. The heart feels, the eye sees, and a memory is recorded, in this case digitally—close to forever.

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