The Grace and Andrew Masa Breakfast

Whether you’re new in town or an old pro, the best breakfast place in Toronto is surely Grace and Andrew’s at the Masa Restaurant adjacent to the Comfort Hotel, Downtown, 15 Charles Street East.

‘Good Morning!’ booms Andrew’s voice as I walk inside.  ‘How are you today?’ comes the genuine question.  Andrew, born in England with a Grenadian background, has a passion for cooking that he cultivated from his youth becoming a chef.  He’s lived in Toronto for thirty years.

‘How are you, Luba?’ asks Grace as I sit down on a comfy chair at a smooth table with clean lines next to the elegant, wooden, hanging decoration lit by candle-like lamps.

Grace, born in Toronto, is steeped in the tradition of restaurateurs.  Her father, the late, reputed Danny Mangos, owned many restaurants and raised Grace from her youth to understand and appreciate the art of running a restaurant.  Once a manager at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Grace, an accomplished chef, is specialized in organizing buffets and banquets.

Aside from Grace and Andrew’s unique, warm welcome and genuine hospitality, they offer a wide selection of excellent breakfast choices.  The Continental Breakfast comes with: Croissant, Toast, Orange Juice/Apple Juice and Milk, $6.99; The Full American Breakfast offers: Bacon, Ham, or Sausage, 2 Eggs (any style), and Home-Style Potatoes (note that these are Andrew’s and that he developed their perfect, golden, crispy exterior and spicy flavor) with a choice of Muffin, Danish, Croissant, and Toast, $10.99; Eggs Benedict; Eggs Florentine; Omelets; Pancakes or French Toast; and numerous side orders.

Don’t stay out in the cold.  Brrrrrrrrrrr!  Come to Grace and Andrew’s for a healthy and wholesome breakfast with a big-hearted welcome.  You can safely expect future developments from these two, fine chefs.  Stay tuned.

Masa Restaurant

Image title:  The Masa Restaurant

Photographer:  Luba Rascheff

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