How to Thrive in the Age of Globalization

Some people like globalization and some don’t.  The fact of the matter, though, is that globalization is.

How can we thrive in globalization?

  1. Cut the fear     The first thing you must do is get rid of fear.  Although so much has changed and so much more will, keep the faith about why people make the decisions they do.
  2. Put all your options on the table     Unhesitatingly put all your options on the table.  Don’t let someone say, What?!  You’re planning to move where?
  3. Believe in interconnectedness     No matter where we’re from or what our life experiences are, we are all interconnected on some level.
  4. Openness breeds opportunities     When we open up to the possibilities afforded by globalization–greater ease of movement, instant digital communication, more porous borders (national and personal)–we open up to opportunities we never dreamed could be possible.
  5. Hold onto your identity     In spite of point 4, it’s vital that we hold onto our personal identities:  the core of what makes us special.
  6. Switch perspectives     Increasing exposure to multiculturalism and multiethnicity makes it mandatory for us to look at things from the perspective of others.  This will help us better understand ourselves and our world.
  7. Factor in ‘invisible strings’     When I studied economics at the University of Illinois, I remember my professor saying that there were certain statistical outcomes that defied explanation if not for ‘invisible strings.’
  8. The world is at your feet     Given the possibilities and the permutations afforded by globalization, the world is at your feet.  Remember this always.
  9. The possibilities are endless     Your success in a globalized world is only limited by the extent of your imagination.
  10. Make it happen     Thriving in the age of globalization means fearlessly taking advantage of the opportunities provided on every level.

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