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Buy 101 Gold Nuggets of Advice on Amazon here. Read or write a review of my book on here.

Buy 101 Gold Nuggets of Advice, 2 on Amazon here. Read or write a review of my book on here.

What people say about the Gold Nuggets

“… your book is awesome! Truly nuggets for my soul …. I decided to take your advice and put on some music I enjoyed as a teenager. Who knew … listening to early 90’s pop music would lift my spirits.”—Kay-Marie Fletcher, Author of Believe in Your Own Fairytale

“It is an immense honour and a true privilege to know such a talented author, Luba Rascheff! This incredibly wise, insightful, old-soul woman, embodies everything I love about humanity. Her brilliantly crafted book, 101 [Gold] Nuggets of Advice, is a breath of fresh air, particularly during present times whereby people often cite feeling lost, misguided, jaded or pessimistic as a result of the current culture of global affairs.

101 [Gold] Nuggets of Advice is not only a recommended tool for restorative inner healing and personal grounding amidst living in a world constantly filled with noise and confusion; it is also a back to basics, grassroots, tangible resource for anyone wanting or needing to realign one self with their inner core self. This gem of a book…offers clarity, perspective, and purposeful meaning about that which truly matters in this world.

101 [Gold] Nuggets of Advice is a must have book for anyone who authentically values personal growth and personal development. I personally and professionally cannot thank the book’s author, Luba Rascheff, enough for imparting such a vital and profoundly pivotal message for the rest of us to individually and to collectively benefit from. This trailblazing, spitfire, soul-stirrer of a woman…GETS IT! #Grateful”—Lisa McDonald of Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald, Author and Talk Show Host Personality