To Be or to Do?

I participated in an administrative meeting recently where the questions popped up, Are we too busy?” And, Are we so busy that we can’t spend time doing nothing?” For doers—and you know the type, the ones who can’t sit still … Continue reading

7 Favorite LinkedIn Posts

(1) Keep Calm and Fasten Your Seatbelt.

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(2) The Zero-Sum Game.

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(3) 10 Tips to Writing a Great Blog Post.

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(4) How to Write for People Who Don’t Read.

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(5) Enthusiasm: a gift from the gods.

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(6) How to Be Happy, Harmonious & Creative.

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(7) What I Learned in Bulgaria.

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My Mongolia

Featured image source: www[dot]nomadicexpeditions[dot]com Mongolia—the land of Ghengis Khan, inventor of flash warfare, listed as an unusual and low-terror travel zone (1)—caught my eye. Ghengis Khan. Image source: www[dot]biography[dot]com This YouTube video of what it’s like to travel to Mongolia tells … Continue reading

The Paragon of Simplicity

One of the things that really bothers me when I’m surfing the Internet is when people write articles that are loaded with meaningless information or when a level of complexity is introduced from the inception and is deliberately incorporated into … Continue reading

7 Holiday Treats


#1 Thick & Rich Drinking Chocolate. Click here for recipe.



#2 Easy Slice & Bake Cookies | Click here to watch video.


#3 Spiced Pumpkin Cookies. Click here for recipe.


#4 Mocha Yule Log. Click here for recipe.


#5 Amaranth Pudding. Click here for recipe.


#6 Cheese board. Click here for instructions.


#7 Flourless Honey-Almond Cake. Click here for recipe.

Credit: All images and recipes on this blog post were found at www[dot]eatingwell[dot]com. 

Trump or Hillary?

I went to Gabby’s Bar & Grill today. It’s opposite the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) on Bloor Street in Toronto where there just happens to be a fantastic exhibition on called “Chihuly.” Gabby’s is a really nice spot because there’s a … Continue reading

The Throne

[Spoiler alert] Another transatlantic flight, another film review. I was very surprised by The Throne. What I saw did not correspond to what I thought I would see. I was unintentionally riveted. The film, a 2015 South Korean historical period … Continue reading

7, Amazing, Simple and Healthy Summer Recipes

#1 White Gazpacho Soup

White Gazpacho

Click here for recipe.

#2 Lemon & Dill Chicken

Lemon-dill chicken

Click here for recipe.

#3 Triple Melon Smoothie

Triple melon smoothie

Click here for recipe.

#4 Herb & Onion Frittata

Herb and onion frittata

Click here for recipe.

#5 Italian Hazelnut Cookies

Italian Hazelnut Cookies

Click here for recipe.

#6 Snap Pea & Cherry Tomato Stir-Fry

Snap pea and cherry tomato stir-fry

Click here for recipe.

#7 Citrus Berry Smoothie

Citrus berry smoothie

Click here for recipe.

Credit: All recipes on this blog post were found at www[dot]eatingwell[dot]com.